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ALPHAS is a musical duo between Fabian Raad and Jarmane McAndrew. They first met in London back in 2010 and have been  making music together ever since. 


Fabian draws on influences from his well-known family of German musicians, most notably, his Aunt the late Joy Fleming who represented Germany at 1975’s Eurovision contest. Fabian lends his unique and powerful voice, musicality, melodiousness and stage presence to the duo. 


UK born Jarmane equally exploits his musical gifts, bringing his soulful voice to the musical melodies and his poetic flair to the songwriting. He also acts as Creative Director for all the pairs aesthetics.


Not only do they have very different backgrounds geographically but also musically but they see this as their superpower. “We see our differences as tools that help us to grow as individuals and so we take the time to respect, cultivate and celebrate each other's heritage. This is something that we are always very conscious of in everything we do.”


The duo have been collaborating musically for several years, most recently under the moniker Noble Gray, until ALPHAS was created more recently. The pair explain “ALPHAS” embodies strength, determination, confidence, ambition and creativity which represents us on our musical journey individually and collectively, so this is why we decided to change our name.”


Together ALPHAS have created a signature sound and style that blends the two of their personalities with perfect symmetry. Their songs have messages in them and the listener is sent on a journey that explains their unique prospect. “For us, our music is a way of documenting the joy and pain of our experiences, a form of therapy. The experience is what got us here today, to this very moment. If others then happen to relate to the final product, then we feel like we have achieved our purpose.”


“Our wish is to always uplift people with our music. No matter what we go through in life there is always hope for a better day. We believe this to be a universal message and in sharing it through music, it also becomes something that continuously helps us remember this through the tough times.” 


If their first release “Just for Me” is anything to go by, we definitely see a maturity in the duos sound. The autobiographical single not only shows that the couple has been through some things but the result has a positive message of believing in oneself but is also has a perfect blend of their soulful vocal styles, together with pop, electronic and RnB nods in the production. The pair also co-produced the track with Berlin-based producer Garko, who they started working with back in 2020.


The single “Just for Me” is accompanied by a House remix, which is a genre that they first experimented with back in 2019, on the song “Gone” from their debut album Throwback. “We are both very eclectic with our musical tastes and our sound is a reflection of this…. especially due to lockdown and being constrained in our homes for all this time, you can expect a lot more dance tracks from us this time around… we can’t wait to hit the clubs as soon as they reopen.”

ALPHAS © 2021

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