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"...the vocals are alluring and the atmospheric texture work well..."

"...I enjoy the theme, the warm and soulful feel and vocals as well as the vibrant house vibes- nice, the yearning vocals are definitely super lovely..."


"...lovely airy energy of the track's captivating flow of the vocals made for a really enticing piece..."

"...Special style, catchy EDM Tune, we like the piano sound & your soulful vocals..."


"...a very accessible and smooth Pop sound...the melodic arrangements bring lovely soft and dreamy flavors, very easy on the ear..."

".. "the piano arrangements bring a great feel-good energy, they mingle well with the bouncy and energetic bassline, the vocal is also very inviting and catchy, it brings a great sexiness to the vibe, good summer vibes"

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Welcome to Alphaland!

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